Three awesome ideas for boosting your income

You don’t just have to be a wage slave, there are plenty of altruistic opportunities to boost your income as a student, says Farhad Alawsi, a recent graduate of Queen’s dental.

Work for cash

Working part time is a viable option for plenty of students. Whether it’s a restaurant, shop, or even your local gym, there is plenty of choice.

If you are unsure where to start searching for such opportunities, the Students' Union is your best bet. On Campus, jobs offices exist in almost all universities and they can signpost you to the ideal work opportunity.

Working for services in lieu

This can come on different forms. For example, by working as a residential life assistant you may receive subsidised/free accommodation for the full academic year and be able to join student trips away for free.

Another way can be of serving dinner at University canteens and you can be sure to have your dinner provided for free as part of the service. Universities have volunteering offices which can link you up with opportunities.

Volunteering and awards

Whether its volunteering for your favourite university society, a local charity or even a city council initiative, once you have a history of volunteering activity you can apply for grants and sponsorships from governmental or independent bodies.

Not only does this look great on the CV, but it can also generate some cash whilst doing good for the community. A quick internet search and you will be able to find opportunities close to where you live. What's not to like?

This guide was written by Fahad Alawsi, a member of Wesleyan's Junior Advisory Board. The views expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.