Final Year Marathon

Final Year - make it a Marathon and not a sprint!

Are you moving into your final year? Avoid a false start by getting prepared.

ST1 GP, Club Doctor at Worcester Warriors RFC and fitness blogger, Dr Sarah Bailey aka The Gym Medic shares her advice on making it across finish line in your final year at medical school.

Start exam prep early

Writing up your notes as you go along, and getting to grips with challenging topics before moving on to the next, will be key to getting yourself ready for the final race that is finals. Make the most of the steady routine you have in final year by dedicating time to your studies between lectures, placements and other commitments. Then once the dedicated revision period begins, you’ll already be on track!

Stay fit and healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise feels like a lot to juggle when you’re swamped with work, but its essential if you want to perform well. Prepping healthy meals and lunches will make sure you aren’t tempted by fast food that’ll make you feel sluggish. Carrying on with your sporting commitments will keep you feeling energised and ensure you maintain a good work-study balance.

Ignore the competition

Some of your friends might be racing through revision topics, making you feel left in the dust. But don’t worry! As long as you set out a revision plan and you know where YOU need to be and when, you can go at your own pace.

The end is in sight – keep going!

After years of working hard at medical school, you might feel like you’re running low on energy. But with finals on the horizon, it’s important to keep on going and to remember how far you’ve come!

Do your pre-race prep

The night before an exam, time isn’t necessarily best used having one last frantic look over your notes. Instead, pack your bag with all the equipment you’ll need, like pens (that work!), a water bottle and your student card. Get an early night, making sure you’ve set your alarm to give you plenty of time for your morning routine before the start of the exam.

Celebrate your victory

After each exam (since you’re unlikely to have just one in the block) make sure you allow yourself a few hours to chill out before the next one hits. Then, once that very last exam is done, you can celebrate your achievement and all your hard work however you see fit!


Final Year - make it a marathon and not a sprint