EVENT VIDEO - The Next Step in Warwick


The Next Step event at Warwick Medical School on 29 November comprised genuine insight from the panelists, high attendance from the students and a really interactive atmosphere.

There were plenty of FY1 anecdotes and tips from the panel. Wesleyan’s Nathan Wallace introduced the trio: Chris, an FY2 doctor working in Truro; James, a General Surgery doctor working in Birmingham; and Mike, a SHO in training doctor working in Manchester.

Even though the panel was, at face value, three doctors, they each had unique experiences and advice for the students. There was a lot of emphasis on starting work but also looking after yourself at this event from a practical angle, that was well received by the audience.

Mental health was a real focus, with advice on managing stressful times during your Foundation Years and real-world experiences of traumatic events.

If you’d like to watch the event itself, the video is linked below.