Am I good enough? Imposter Syndrome by Dr Charlotte Smith

Am I good enough?

The question that ruminates in our minds when we’re applying to medical school, at medical school or even as qualified doctors.

The question never changes, and the doubt never leaves your mind. You start to second guess your worth compared to others; you can even begin to even question your competencies. The evil thought of imposter syndrome never really leaves you even when you’ve reached your goal, of becoming a doctor.

And you know what? That’s ok. It’s ok to have doubts. It’s ok to question whether you’re good enough. After all its normal. Without doubts we wouldn’t be the person we are today. Most of the world will feel like this at some point in their life it sometimes just doesn’t feel like that.

What’s important is to not let these thoughts dictate your life and how you feel about yourself. Remind yourself it’s ok to feel like this. It’s ok to feel like you don’t know anything when you start F1 compared to colleagues because the truth is you’re bound to have less clinical experience than a Registrar or Consultant. If you didn’t then why would F1/F2 and the multiple years of training and post grad exams exist between you becoming a consultant?

Junior Doctor training exists for a reason and our colleagues recognise that. We may not know as much as our Speciality Reg or F2 but that doesn’t mean we’re not good enough. Every senior doctor will have been in our position at some point- they’ll know how we feel (even if they don’t admit it!). So don’t be scared to ask for help!

We are only at the beginning of our journeys. There will be hurdles to jump through, but you are worthy, and you are a ‘good’ enough doctor to overcome these. I wish you all the best in not only your F1 year but your career- you can do this. We can do this.


Thank you for your contribution Dr Charlotte Smith- The Next Step Team