5 more great tips for your foundation year

So you’re about to start FY1. Nervous? That’s understandable, but you’ll be better prepared once you’ve read five more top tips from Dr Michael Monteith to make your year a success.

And if you need them, Dr Mike’s first five tips are here 

1. Organise annual leave early

Obtain your rota before you start, as many trusts ask for 6 weeks’ notice before approving leave. Swaps can often be arranged with fellow FY1's although you should try to repay the favour if others need time off. Work with your team, consultants and rota managers closely as they will be more likely to work with you.

2. Befriend your rota co-ordinator

A friendly manner and the odd packet of biscuits will work wonders with the person that approves your leave and offers extra shifts!

3. Shadow your out-going successor if possible

Nobody likes to work extra shifts, but shadowing your outgoing FY1, especially if they are on-call, will assist you no end. Having an idea where handover is, how to print out lists, where theatres/wards are located etc, takes that extra bit of stress off you before you begin.

4. Start your educational portfolio early

Every year there are a handful of naughty FY1's that don't keep up to date with their portfolios. It differs according to each Health Education area, but it's best to keep on top of this as you go along.

Nobody wants to fail and some tutors are stricter than others. If you have legitimate reasons as to why you are not achieving your educational goals, speak to your clinical or educational supervisor early.

5. Enjoy your year, don't burn out!

In every clichéd 'Top 10 Tips' article, there is always something cringe worthy about enjoying your job... But it really is a vital point in medicine!

Being bottom of the ladder is never an exciting prospect, and at times it can seem like you are the administration dump... However, it does get better!

The year passes very quickly so start to think about what you would like to do with your career early on so that you can prep your CV for applications in FY2.


This guide was written by Dr Michael Monteith, a member of Wesleyan's Junior Advisory Board. The views expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.